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Fjernstyret 4x4 nitro racer 1:10

Fjernstyret 4x4 nitro racer 1:10

1.995,00 kr
med moms

1/10 4WD racer med Nitro motor

●Fuel tank with vast capacity,
easily to refuel with super
calibre, prevent overflowing
and leaking.

●Front/rear umbrella gear
differential and differential box
with leak protection.

●With 13.8g super-light-weight fly
wheel, make the engine smaller
in load

●Adrustable-bounce, make spring

●Differential with 5pcs of screw only,
fixing/disasembling is easy.

●The all-metal disc type brakes and
super thick asbestos brake block.

●Flexuose 6061 aluminum chassis,

●Aluminum alloy in 6061, Anodic
heavy-duty adrustor.

●Variable shockproof spring

●Double sponge filter, dustproof
result is better.
7.5mm oversize gas vent, 56mm

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